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Lisa’s passion for the home, her love for wining, dining and entertaining with spectacular flair is so very genuine. Worldly and glamorous, Lisa has a sense of style that crosses all borders and boundaries. Her home is stunning, with personal touches in every corner, inside and out and accent pieces that she has collected from some of her favorite destinations in Paris, Monaco and of course London. Lisa’s love for the home is not just about the décor. She is an avid chef, eager to share recipes and photos from recent dinner parties. What is clear from every photo that Lisa so proudly pulls out, is that the table was set with magnificent style and that the guests had a fantastic time. She is so warm and welcoming … whether it’s a chilled glass of sangria or a cup of tea that is offered upon arrival, Lisa invites guests into her world with such elegance.  In all ways, Lisa is the modern day expert when it comes to entertaining and living in fabulous style.

After our first meeting with Lisa and Ken at their home in Beverly Hills, we realized that all aspects of this tabletop and entertaining expert must be presented through her collection. We understood that “mixing and matching” in “Lisa style” does not just involve combining colors or finishes. She loves to incorporate textures and materials that don’t just look great, but that are slightly unexpected and add an element of surprise that only a true tastemaker would imagine. She invites a sexy edge to every tablescape, and makes sure that every one of her events is indulgent, tastefully over-the-top and incredibly memorable. She resists anything that is too ordinary, as her goal is to make every guest at her home or restaurant feel indulged.  She believes that luxury should be attainable and enjoyed by all!

The Vanderpump Beverly Hills Collection by Pop Culture Promotions combines old world patterns in a modern way, combining a wide range of materials in a cohesive palette that is sophisticated and super-stylish.  Lisa’s fresh outlook, creative spirit and fascinating personality is captured throughout this collection that every home entertainer, chef, bride and party planner will simply love.



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